MCU, drive IC supply tightening 4 well-known large-scale Q3 and then spread up...

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According to Economic Daily, due to the wafer contract mature process capacity tight, price increases continue, IC design industry Q3 or synchronous continuation of the "price increase wind", driving IC, microcontroller (MCU) two types of chips led the rise.

McU manufacturers, the latest increase is Yilong this year for the third time this year, HOLTEK is the second price increase this year, international electronic business last week there were related reports"MCU re-transmission!" Holtek in August or raise prices by 10 to 15 percent... 》。 In terms of driving IC manufacturers, it is also the third price increase this year, and Duntai is also evaluating the range of price increases.

In fact, IC operators, including Yilong, Yancheng, Shengqun, Duntai, etc., have benefited from chip hot market conditions and price increase benefits this year, the performance has been outstanding, Duntai since the first four months of the net profit per share of about NT$7.58, has significantly exceeded last year's full-year NT$3.97. With the continuation of the Q3 price trend, the industry is generally optimistic about the performance of relevant manufacturers.

HOLTEK admitted that Q3 did have a price adjustment plan to reflect rising costs, while Yilong and Yicheng would not comment. Duntai said it "will not take the initiative to increase prices, but must properly reflect the production costs (increases) to adjust prices."

Industry is well known, since this year, due to mobile phones, panels and other market conditions, coupled with strong demand for various types of electronic terminal products, push-up drive IC, microcontrollers in short supply, especially in the wafer foundry capacity is tight, the major chip factories to do everything possible to grab production capacity still can not meet customer demand, with the promotion of related chip prices.

International e-commerce learned that the MCU, by the local epidemic heating up, market health measurement products and various types of small household appliances and other demand continued to increase, increasing the imbalance in semiconductor supply. Supply chain pointed out that as the global IDM plant has strengthened production capacity in the auto, industrial control and high-end consumer markets, thereby making consumer MCU supply more tight, the gap between supply and demand continued to expand by more than 20%, the relevant manufacturers are interested in raising prices.

Yilong raised its offer for microcontrollers in January. After that, the company suspended its offer after the Lunar New Year and raised it again at Q2 because of strong market demand. Recently, the market has come out, the company also plans to Q3 for a third price increase, the range of double digits.

Shengqun has raised the price of IC products by 15% this year to reflect rising production costs, but the company will make a second price adjustment in August as the supply chain continues to rise. It is reported that Shengqun this year's order has been full, and began to undertake next year's orders, and the scheduled 2022 orders of customers pre-received 30% deposit.

At the same time, driving IC manufacturers benefit from the hot market conditions of the panel, coupled with the tight wafer foundry capacity, limited supply, strong demand, driving chip prices continue to soar, the relevant industry this year's profits are more than in previous years, rewriting the record high.

It is understood that the main non-mobile phone applications, product applications include mobile devices, industrial control, car and so on. It is understood that last year, the first mobile phone application-driven IC increase, industrial control and car application products in this year's Q1 upgrade, this year Q2 again for mobile phone application-driven IC price increase, to reflect this year's increase in production costs, and now the market out of its drive IC price will be raised in Q3. Some people in the industry have assessed that the driving IC from the beginning of the year to Q3, the increase in the price range may be cumulative as up to 30% .

Duntai, product prices from last year Q2 has been adjusted, last October and April this year, there is a wave of comprehensive price adjustment. The company's Touch and Drive Integrated IC (IDC) chips are now about twice as expensive as last year's Q1.

It is worth mentioning that Hu Zhengda, chairman of Duntai, has previously stated on the topic of price increases, only under the premise of supplier price increases, the company will consider production costs to follow up the price increases, but will never be out of stock on the initiative to increase prices.