TSMC won sony CIS "pack factory" big single!

Column:Industry news Time:2020-07-09 Source: www.esmchina.com
Taiwan media was informed that the foundry leader TSMC in the near future by Sony CIS single, will be built in the South Co 14B plant for Sony to produce high-end CIS foundry production line, the new order to extend the above cooperation to 28nm ...

TSMC will soon win a new global CIS leader, Sony, and will build a foundry line for Sony's production of high-end CIS at the 14B plant in Nanke, the Economic Daily reported.

It follows sony's first transfer of some of its CIS orders to TSMC contracts earlier this year, and the new order also makes it possible for the partnership to extend to the 28nm process.

Reported that TSMC will be in Nanke 14B plant to build a contract production line for the production of high-level CIS for Sony, equivalent to Sony "package factory." TSMC in order to meet this "super large single", bought the home next to TSMC's Nanke plant, and asked Homeden to move at the fastest speed, in order to 14B plant and 14A plant of the public plant division, and strive to build 14B plant for Sony's higher end of the CIS sydd plant area.

All along, TSMC does not comment on a single customer and order situation, but according to Japanese sources familiar with the situation, TSMC and Sony are very confidential about this cooperation, the two sides signed the first batch of cooperation content earlier this year, first in TSMC Nanke 14A plant for Sony to build a monthly production of 20,000 pieces of CIS foundry line, cooperation is very smooth, Sony began to further request TSMC exclusive supply, equal to the number of units of the factory, and will be increased monthly orders.

Sony previously to TSMC CIS orders, is in TSMC South Branch 14A plant with a 40-nanometer process production, TSMC and for this addition of new equipment designated by Sony, is intensive installation, scheduled for August trial production, the first quarter of next year mass production, the initial monthly production capacity of 20,000 pieces.

It is reported that Sony has been one of TSMC customers, the past cooperation to logic chips mainly, but at the beginning of the year Sony changed the previous self-production CIS strategy, the first part of the CIS orders to TSMC sym, at that time caused concern in the industry.

Industry analysis, TSMC in the advanced process below 7nm to achieve a global leading position, its most profitable 28nm orders also even pass edge, take sony advanced high-end CIS image sensors, meaning TSMC advanced process and mature process orders are fully mastered.

5G brings the potential of self-driving and other applications, as well as smartphones carrying more CIS, driving the global CIS market explosion, although the first half of this year the world has been affected by different degrees of the outbreak, but does not hinder 5G demand, and the market is generally optimistic about the future of high-end image sensor application prospects. According to the municipal adjustment agency statistics, last year the global CIS output value reached 15.9 billion U.S. dollars, an annual increase of 18%, shipments of 6.2 billion, an annual increase of 15%. Among them, Sony's global market accounted for 48% of the top, Samsung accounted for 21% of the second.

Reported that Sony hopes to expand the market share by expanding cooperation with TSMC, by 2025 to win the global CIS image sensor 60% of the market share.

At the same time, Sony's competitors, including Samsung and Howie, are also actively expanding capacity.